Cleetche Vancouver filmmaker

June, 2019

In 1989, Christopher McDonell – nicknamed “Cleetche” by his high school classmates – successfully pitched his first film project SOLOSHYE to a local TV station in his Canadian hometown of Orillia, Ontario. Only 17-years-old, he would go on to write, direct, shoot and star in nine 44-minute episodes of the comedy sketch-series, laying the ground for a career in independent filmmaking. He moved to British Columbia and studied at the Vancouver Film School in 1992. He shot a 60-minute documentary in West Africa in 1995, surviving a bout of malaria along the way. In 2001, at the age of 29, he was living his dream: directing his first feature film in the forests of Squamish on a Telefilm-funded budget of $1.5 MM. TRIBE OF JOSEPH, based on his award-winning screenplay about a survivalist doomsday cult, was broadcast on The Movie Network, Movie Central and Showcase. Cleetche is now ready for a comeback with QUEEN OF THE BEACH, an ambitious documovie shot over the course of 11 years in Goa, India.