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In February 2010, the city of Vancouver hosted the 21st Winter Olympics, giving rise to the biggest "street party" in Canadian history. For two weeks, people flocked to the downtown core, rubbing shoulders near the giant blazing cauldron, huddling around public TV screens, and feeding off the positive energy that flowed through the city's veins. Beginning with the torch relay and ending with the unforgettable sight of thousands of red-clad fans celebrating Canada's Gold Medal win in Men's Hockey, EUPHORIA is a short film memento capturing the groundswell of national pride and jubilation in the streets when an entire nation came togetherand cheered as one.




Filming Location




Vancouver, BC


EUPHORIA was released on February 12, 2011, to mark the one-year anniversary of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It was presented as a surprise "tribute" during the pre-movie entertainment show in five Vancouver theatres over a period of two weeks. These include: Vancity Theatre, Dunbar Theatre, the Hollywood Theatre, Denman Cinemas and the Hollywood Theatre 3 Surrey. It was also included in the City of Vancouver's commemoration of the Winter Games, projected onto the 100 foot tall Sears Building at the corner of Robson and Howe Street.

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Euphoria - movie poster


Soloshye Pictures | 2011

Music Video | 5:49 minutes

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