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(artwork: Joey Cansino)

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Tyler Wernitz

Brennan Kotowich


It is this "promo trailer" for TRIBE OF JOSEPH that helped launch the feature-film in 2001. It is the 'making of' this trailer that strengthened Cleetche's tenacity as a filmmaker, and from which came the motto: "Never surrender the dream".

What started out as a three-day guerrilla shoot soon became one of the shortest feature-films ever made! DP'd by "The X-Files" reigning cameraman, and on 'short-ends' from the show no less (Cleetche had just finished working with them as a production assistant), the numbers say it all: a final crew tally of over 150 volunteers, a cast of 14 (5 of those minors), a budget that ballooned from $10,000 to forty grande; not to mention a wilderness set build, extensive costumes, makeup and props, stunts, special effects, and oh yeah... wild animals. Ambition that high usually comes at a price. And so it did beginning on Day two. An emergency phone call from the lab informed the crew that their camera was defective and that everything shot thus far was totally unusable. As if that wasn't enough, when a replacement arrived the animal trainers lost their deer in the surrounding park, the set generator broke down, and a key cast member called in sick the next day. But far be it for true success to arrive unchallenged. New crew was assembled for a reshoot the following week (thanks to a private investor upping his ante), the costly deer was replaced with someone's pet bunny, and after much anxiety and torturous soul-searching, the promo trailer for TRIBE OF JOSEPH was finally put in the can.

Two months of insurance hell followed with the insurance company refusing to cover the lost expenses and the camera house denying liability. As a result, the film's post-production was put into serious jeopardy. The first fundraiser, called "RAWSTOCK", took place at Celebrities Nightclub and included raffle prizes from countless industry sponsors. The second fundraiser was a dinner cruise throughout English Bay featuring live music and comedians. Fundraiser number three was much more to the point. A group of investors gathered around a TV in a living room watched the trailer and pulled out their cheque books.

On Sunday, July 13th, 1997, eleven months following principal photography, the promo trailer for TRIBE OF JOSEPH played on the big screen at Vancouver's Hollywood Theatre before cast and crew, family and friends, and industry professionals. The following year, Telefilm Canada invested in the screenplay's development and the rest... is history.


(Written in 1997 before the final draft.)

Nine-year-old Jonathon Skinner runs away from home only to be abducted by a stranger and whisked into the wilds of Northern British Columbia. His captor, Jacob Cullens, believes himself to be an incarnation of the Old Testament's Jacob whose divine mission is to rebuild the Twelve Tribes of Israel in advance of the coming apocalypse. Each year, his faithful manservant, Cory, returns to the city and "rescues" a new boy who is then added as a "tribe" and trained and nurtured to begin a new civilization on earth. Over the course of nine years and eight "brothers", Jonathon begins to question the reality Jacob has so brilliantly convinced him of. He struggles against the memories in his dreams and to what truths they may hold about his past. It is this inner conflict that eventually leads Jonathon (now "Joseph") to question and confront his messianic "father" – a man he has grown to love but learns to hate.

Set in an environment of hunting and survival, of Biblical rituals and vigorous training, TRIBE OF JOSEPH is an intense drama about one boy's journey for spiritual truth in a cult of deception.


Soloshye Pictures | 1997

Short | 10:15 minutes

Tribe Of Joseph Promo Trailer 1997 - movie poster

Special Thanks

Joey Cansino, Patrick Maliha, Onalee Hawkins, Kenny Keating, University Chapel, Tarlington Talent, Evangelista Talent Management, Canada Wide Communications, Creative Animal Talent, Northern Lights, Panavision Canada, Christina Kaspercyzk, Elizabeth House, Carrie Laurin, David Dague, Lyall Heighton, Michael Williamson, Rory Cutter, Melissa Stubbs, Kat Roussos, Gordon McMillan, Tim Jonnson, Rick Moffat, Tom Milne, Jack Vlahovic, Kia Abbasi, Randy Tan, The GVRD Guys, POV Works, Crawford Hawkins, Brian Hammond, Bad Wolf Productions "Thor", X-F Productions "X-Files", Darryl Laing, Andy Dymond, Ken McDonell, Reg Denis, Environmental Control Systems, Heiko Van Eijnsbergen, Stephen Lam, Derek Creighton, Aaron Vick, Roger Ford, Kristine Laing, Carol Dymond, Kara Cunningham, Mel Weisbaum